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Challenge 1

'Like' our Museum Makers Facebook page

Let us know just how you feel about the Museum Makers project by telling us you 'like' us

Challenge 2

Arts & Crafts Helper

If you like arts and crafts and helping young children families. This is for you! Stockwood Garden Party is happening again in August

Challenge 3

Become a Masterpiece!

Turn you and your family into one of the masterpieces on display at Wardown with a bit of imagination!

Challenge 4

Customer Experience Volunteer

Do you like comedy, music or theatre? Well this one is for you! It is not just for Christmas it's for life!

Challenge 5

Design your own Mini Museum

Can you design your very own mini museum out of recycled materials?

Challenge 6

Follow us on Instagram

Pictures speak 1000 words, Share our Museum Maker moments with us

Challenge 7

Follow Wardown House on twitter

Follow our new Wardown House page on twitter

Challenge 8

Help us get the word out!

Assist us in distributing flyers for our forthcoming events program and engaging in conversations with individuals about it.

Challenge 9

Help us to get 2000 likes on Facebook

Help us hit our target of 2000 Facebook friends. Let's spread the word!

Challenge 10

Help us to get to 2000 likes on Facebook

Help us reach our target of 2000 Facebook friends before the end of Lock Down. Let's spread the word!

Challenge 11

Join Museum Makers by signing up

Join and become a Museum Makers today!

Challenge 12

Join Us- Become a Museum Maker School

Sign up as a Museum Maker School to keep up to date on all new challenges and activities.