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How did you cope with the Lockdown?  Are you still dealing with your own lockdown right now? What coping methods did or have you come up with? Do you have a daily routine? Are you setting yourself mini projects to accomplish?  How has life been since restrictions have been lifted and new challenges have come up? We would love to know what you are all up to and to share it with our Museum Maker community





What's involved?

Write us a blog post about how you are dealing with the Lockdown and what kept you going and we may feature it on our Museum Makers' Blog page. Keep an eye on our social media channels to see if your blog gets published. Why not get creative and turn your blog into a poem or piece of spoken word? We cant wait to read what you are all up to.

We will keep the blog posts as a record of life during this unique times and your work could be archived as a written account within the Bedfordshire archives once this crisis has passed. How cool would that be?

Why get involved?

An expressive and creative output for your thoughts
Humour us
Create some fun
Help Museum Makers gain a wider exposure
Share your ideas and methods with others
Have the chance for your work to be archived as an official factual account of Living during the time of COVID-19

How to get involved?

Step 1: Sign into your Museum Maker account or sign up here

Step 2: Accept the challenge so we know your participating

Step 3: Get creative, and create your blog post

Step 4: Send your blog post to

Step 5: Watch out for your blog to be announced and featured on our social media channels.

Ideal Skills

  • Reading/Storytelling
  • Social Media
  • Working independently

Ideal Interest

  • Creative and Arts

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