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Schools and other learning groups can become museum makers too, so sign up today!

By signing up as a museum maker your school or learning group will have access to free, exciting opportunities and unique projects at Wardown House Museum and Gallery.

From time to time we will post specific school challenges below. These challenges might be helping us to pilot a new session, helping us design a museum exhibition or even simply completing a questionnaires that could influence our learning offer.

If you see a challenge you think you or your school could help with just click the accept button.


Challenge 1

Visit Us- Book a Self Led Visit

Visit Wardown House, Museum and Gallery as a class or year group.

Challenge 2

Stay Connected- Follow Us on Twitter

Follow @Culture4Schools on Twitter to keep up to date with all our new challenges and activities.

Challenge 3

Tweet Us- Get In Touch Using Our Hashtag

Tweet @Culture4Schools and use the #Culture4Schools hashtag to share what you are up to!

Challenge 4

Take Part- Complete the Hide & Squeak Trail

Take part in the marvellous mouse trail at Wardown House Museum & Gallery. Can you find them all?

Challenge 5

Join Us- Become a Museum Maker School

Sign up as a Museum Maker School to keep up to date on all new challenges and activities.

Challenge 6

Say It Loud- Shout About Being a Museum Maker School

Say it loud, say it proud! If you're a Museum Maker School why not share it on your website, social media or newsletter?