About Museum Makers

About Museum Makers

What are Museum Makers?

Museum Makers are a unique team of individuals, groups and organisations working together with the museum service to help shape and transform Wardown House, Museum and Gallery into a vibrant and cultural hub within the community. Museum Makers is an opportunity for anyone with a passion or interest in museums and volunteering to support us and get involved. Whether you are a supporter of Wardown House, Museum and Gallery or want to actively get involved then there are opportunities for you.

Who are Museum Makers?

Museum Makers are people from all walks of life, with a unique set of interests, skills, passions and talents. Museum Makers are groups, organisations and individuals who share their skills and passions through showing support, donating and volunteering. Museum Makers are students, retirees, parents and children, young professionals and young people. Some Museum Makers may have a lot of time to commit to their project, while others may have an hour a week or a week a year. Whoever you are, whatever you can do or give, there is a place for you within Museum Makers.

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