Meet the Team

Meet the Team


Hannah Scott
NPO Project Manager

"I'm Hannah and I have recently returned to Wardown as the NPO Manger. NPO stands for National Portfolio Organisation. Wardown House was successful in being awarded this grant from the arts council so we can continue  with the work we do here at Wardown House Museum and Gallery. Previously I was Learning Manager at The Culture Trust, Luton for 18 months during the redevelopment of Wardown House. I have a wide range of experience delivering learning and community engagement projects for museums across Herts and Beds."

Jacqui Harding
Community Engagement Projects Coordinator

"I’m Jacqui. I coordinate the Museum Maker Project and the artistic programme including Theatre in Museums and Music in the Museum, for Wardown House Museum and Gallery. I love getting to know people from different parts of the community, especially chatting to visitors who come to the museum. So if you see me there please come over and say hi! Museum Makers is a brilliant opportunity for people from all over the town to work together.I’m here for any questions you need answering."

Eleonore Pearson
Culture and Heritage Learning Coordinator

“I’m Eleonore and I coordinate all our Museum Maker challenges for schools, making sure you’re all happy and doing the kinds of challenges and activities that you and your pupils will engage with and enjoy the most.”