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Help us to get 2000 likes on Facebook

Help us to get 2000 'likes' on Facebook

We want to know just how much you like us, and we also want to know how much everyone else likes us. Our aim is to get 2000 likes on our Facebook page as quickly as possible. Help us to spread the word about the project by sharing it with your Family, Friends and followers

Why should I do this?

Sharing our Facebook helps to:

  • Increase awareness of the Museum Makers project
  • Share the good stuff we are doing
  • Make the most out of the little sociable marketer that’s inside you
  • Help us achieve our mini goals (gaining 2000 likes!)

How do I do this?

Step 1: Sign up to www.museummakers.co.uk

Step 2: Accept the challenge so we know youre supporting us

Step 3: visit www.facebook.com/museummakers

Step 4: Click ‘share’    

Ideal Skills

  • Social Media
  • Web Development

Ideal Interest

  • Marketing and communications

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