Fun at Home

Become a Masterpiece!

Join in the fun being led by the Getty Musuem in Los Angeles and other musuems across the globe and turn your family or household members into a famous painting!






What's involved?

Visit Wardown House, Museum and Gallery's collection online here, choose your favourite painting and then recreate it in your own living room using any materials you have to hand. The more imaginative and crazier the better!

We would love to see your masterpieces - share them with us @museummakers on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram so we can enjoy your fabulous creativity!

Why get involved?

It's a great way to spend half an hour being creative and silly!
Explore our brilliant collection while you choose your favourite painting to bring to life
A great activity to involve all the family

How to get involved?

Step 1: Sign into your Museum Maker account or sign up here

Step 2: Accept the challenge so we know you are taking part

Step 3: Click on the link above, find a painting and bring it to life!

Step 4: Share your photos with us @museummakers on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Ideal Skills

  • Photography
  • Social Media
  • Working with Children 0-5yrs
  • Working with Children 6 - 12yrs

Ideal Interests

  • Creative and Arts
  • Design
  • Learning and Education
  • Curatorial/Working with Museum Collection

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