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Challenge 13

Once Upon a Picture

A picture can speak 1000 words. What do you think the story behind Theodor Kern's 'French Café painting is?

Challenge 14

Photobomb in your Museum Makers T-shirt

Help us to go viral by photoboming in your Museum Makers t-shirt

Challenge 15

Review Wardown House, Museum and Gallery

Write a review on Wardown House, Museum and Gallery.

Challenge 16

Say It Loud- Shout About Being a Museum Maker School

Say it loud, say it proud! If you're a Museum Maker School why not share it on your website, social media or newsletter?

Challenge 17

Share our Facebook Page

Spread the word to your Facebook friends

Challenge 18

Stay Connected- Follow Us on Twitter

Follow @Culture4Schools on Twitter to keep up to date with all our new challenges and activities.

Challenge 19

Support Museum Makers by signing up as a local business

Sign your business up as a Museum Maker and show that you support your local museum, in return we will display your logo on our website

Challenge 20

Support Museum Makers by signing up as an organisation

Sign up as an organisation and show us your support for the museum, in return we will display your logo.

Challenge 21

Tag Museum Makers on your Travels

Where do you go for your daily exercise? Tag us and let us know where you were, and what you've seen.

Challenge 22

Tag us on your daily walk

Where do you go on your daily walk? Tag us and let us know what you've seen or anywhere we should visit now lock down is over.

Challenge 23

Tag your favourite item at the museum

Let us know what you like or don't like in our collection!

Challenge 24

Take Part- Complete the Hide & Squeak Trail

Take part in the marvellous mouse trail at Wardown House Museum & Gallery. Can you find them all?