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Challenge 25

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Challenge 26

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Challenge 27

Vauxhall Exhibition Steward

Do you or did you work at Vauxhall or have a passion for cars and their history? We need you! We are looking for volunteers to help steward our Vauxhall exhibition once our sites are able to reopen.

Challenge 28

House Haikus

We present House Haiku; a creative writing challenge to make you think during lockdown about what your house and home means to you.

Challenge 29

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Challenge 30

Design your own Mini Museum

Can you design your very own mini museum out of recycled materials?

Challenge 31

Wardown in Watercolour

Are you a keen artist? Lacking inspiration for your next masterpiece? Find a photo of Wardown and transform it into a wonderful watercolour painting!

Challenge 32

Review Wardown House, Museum and Gallery

Write a review on Wardown House, Museum and Gallery.

Challenge 33

Tag us on your daily walk

Where do you go on your daily walk? Tag us and let us know what you've seen or anywhere we should visit after lock down is over.

Challenge 34

Take Part- Complete the Hide & Squeak Trail

Take part in the marvellous mouse trail at Wardown House Museum & Gallery. Can you find them all?

Challenge 35

Tag your favourite item at the museum

Let us know what you like or don't like in our collection!

Challenge 36

Once Upon a Picture

A picture can speak 1000 words. What do you think the story behind Theodor Kern's 'French Café painting is?