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Challenge 25

Write a blog post for us

Tell us what life in Luton lock down life is like for you.

Challenge 26

Follow Wardown House on twitter

Follow our new Wardown House page on twitter

Challenge 27

Take Part- Complete the Hide & Squeak Trail

Take part in the marvellous mouse trail at Wardown House Museum & Gallery. Can you find them all?

Challenge 28

Become a Masterpiece!

Turn you and your family into one of the masterpieces on display at Wardown with a bit of imagination!

Challenge 29

'Like' our Museum Makers Facebook page

Let us know just how you feel about the Museum Makers project by telling us you 'like' us

Challenge 30

Tell a Friend About Wardown House Museum and Museum Maker

Share with a friend about Wardown House Museum and Museum Makers

Challenge 31

Join Us- Become a Museum Maker School

Sign up as a Museum Maker School to keep up to date on all new challenges and activities.

Challenge 32

Join Museum Makers by signing up

Join and become a Museum Makers today!

Challenge 33

Tag us on your daily walk

Where do you go on your daily walk? Tag us and let us know what you've seen or anywhere we should visit after lock down is over.

Challenge 34

Meet and Greet - Stockwood Discovery Centre

If you like meeting people and want to learn more about our Discovery Centre why not join us today as part of our team.

Challenge 35

Send Us a Challenge

We are not afraid of a challenge or two, send the project team a challenge via email and see if yours gets picked!

Challenge 36

The Billiard Room: Co-produced display

Co-produce a display in The Billiard Room based on your achievements, trophies and celebrations.