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Challenge 1

'Like' our Museum Makers Facebook page

Let us know just how you feel about the Museum Makers project by telling us you 'like' us

Challenge 2

Become a Masterpiece!

Turn you and your family into one of the masterpieces on display at Wardown with a bit of imagination!

Challenge 3

Customer Experience Volunteer

Do you like comedy, music or theatre? Well this one is for you! It is not just for Christmas it's for life!

Challenge 4

Design your own Mini Museum

Can you design your very own mini museum out of recycled materials?

Challenge 5

Follow us on Instagram

Pictures speak 1000 words, Share our Museum Maker moments with us

Challenge 6

Follow Wardown House on twitter

Follow our new Wardown House page on twitter

Challenge 7

Help us to get 2000 likes on Facebook

Help us hit our target of 2000 Facebook friends. Let's spread the word!

Challenge 8

Help us to get to 2000 likes on Facebook

Help us reach our target of 2000 Facebook friends before the end of Lock Down. Let's spread the word!

Challenge 9

Join Museum Makers by signing up

Join and become a Museum Makers today!

Challenge 10

Join Us- Become a Museum Maker School

Sign up as a Museum Maker School to keep up to date on all new challenges and activities.

Challenge 11

Once Upon a Picture

A picture can speak 1000 words. What do you think the story behind Theodor Kern's 'French Café painting is?

Challenge 12

Photobomb in your Museum Makers T-shirt

Help us to go viral by photoboming in your Museum Makers t-shirt