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Museum Maker Data Entry - Hat Collection

What's involved?

We are looking for a couple of dedcicated Museum Makers to help us to input data to create a database on our hat collection. The role will involve accurately typing hat accessions from our handwritten accession register into an Excel spreadsheet, ready for importing into the museum's collection database.

This role will be based at Wardown House, Museum and Gallery and will require a commitment of one day a week for a minimum of two hours and will be a live challenge until all hats are recorded, approximately 100 records.

Museum Makers who take on this challenge must be computer literate and have experience of using Excel.

Why get involved?

This role will provide the museum with an up to date record of the hats within our collection. It will enable us to search the database and find suitable hats for display or loans. It will also mean the information is available when we launch our hat collection online. The role will provide extra support to the Curatorial team.

This role will provide you with unique access to our hat collection. You will gain data entry skills, with the potential to branch out into helping develop our hat collection website.


How to get involved?

Step 1: Sign into your Museum Maker account or join here

Step 2: Accept the challenge

Step 3: Await a response from the team who will be in touch with more information

Ideal Skills

  • Conservation
  • Research
  • Working independently

Ideal Interests

  • Administration
  • Conservation
  • Learning and Education
  • Curatorial/Working with Museum Collection

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